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Cake Topper

Are you looking for a caketopper that is also sustainable and locally produced? Then North-West has the perfect selection, from playful to simple. The perfect decoration for your special day.

Are you looking for a caketopper that is also sustainable and locally produced? Then North-West has the perfect selection, from playful to simple. The perfect decoration for your special day. learn more »
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Cake Topper

Are you looking for a caketopper that is also sustainable and locally produced? Then North-West has the perfect selection, from playful to simple. The perfect decoration for your special day.

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Danke - Schild Cake Topper
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Danke - Schild
Cake Topper
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Wooden Caketoppers for the Baby Shower

Baby showers are becoming more and more popular. The trend from the USA of celebrating with the expectant mother that a new addition to the family is soon to arrive is a wonderful opportunity to chat and exchange ideas. But baby showers are by no means just a cosy get-together for coffee. In addition to well-intentioned advice for the mum-to-be, there are also lots of fun party games, elaborate decorations and, of course, a delicious buffet. A particularly nice idea is when the pregnant woman doesn't even know the sex of her offspring yet and her friends surprise her with a cake decorated with the words "It's a boy" or "It's a girl" as a topping.

Cake decorations for church celebrations & school enrolment

The baby's christening, later the big day of starting school and finally the first holy communion or confirmation - these special days want to be celebrated properly! We can create the perfect caketopper to match your room design. For church celebrations, the "Ichtys" fish or the cross are particularly popular. If you wish, we can add the name of the child or the day of the celebration. Our best-selling lettering "For baptism", "First communion" or "Confirmation" are also popular.

ABC shooters are especially happy about a caketopper in school design. Pens, blackboard, school cone and rainbows are much sought-after. It becomes even more personal with the name of the schoolchild and a motif that matches the school cone, such as a dinosaur or a unicorn.

Birthday & Anniversary Cakes with Matching Topping

There is always a reason to celebrate! Especially round birthdays and wedding anniversaries are a welcome occasion to toast with friends and family. A wooden caketopper with the words "Happy birthday", for example, is practical for a child's birthday. Every year, the delicious birthday cake is decorated with the topping and thus becomes a great ritual that the little ones look forward to even when they are already grown up. With the natural raw material wood, you are guaranteed the longevity of the Caketopper and it looks great from the first to the 18th birthday!
A lovely surprise for every birthday "child" who is already celebrating one or two milestone birthdays is a lovingly crafted caketopper with the year. In combination with the name of the person celebrating, it becomes really personal. Whether it's a 30th birthday or a 25th wedding anniversary, wooden caketoppers are something very special.

Wooden cake toppers for your wedding cake


On the day of your wedding, everything should be perfect and harmonious and correspond exactly to your wishes and needs. After all, a wedding is something special. That's why your cake needs to be individual. It is the eye-catcher after the wedding ceremony and has already been made with so much attention to detail that even the top of the cake should be unique. Of course, you can opt for the typical standard models as decoration for your cake that are available for purchase. But who wants standard when you can have it completely individual, sustainable and above all exclusive?

We produce our cake toppers from certified wood and offer you a wide range of designs to suit your big day. The "Mr & Mrs" lettering is particularly popular as a caketopper made from wonderful maple wood. In addition, we also have other models to match the day of the wedding, which will round off your cake perfectly. It's up to you to decide whether you want a prefabricated design or one that is made just for you.

Things to bear in mind...

It is also advisable to bring the cake topper to the pastry chef in good time so that he or she can attach it to the cake professionally and make any necessary changes to ensure that everything is harmonious. Nothing is more annoying than when the cake topping does not hold or is too big and therefore cannot be used.

Individualised caketoppers

Not only do we offer food-safe caketoppers, which we produce by hand, we can also realise a wide range of individual motifs. Whether year or anniversary numbers like 30,40,50,60,70,80, initials, symbols like the infinity sign or a Happy Birthday with balloons are no problem for us.

"Mr & Mrs" wooden cake topper for your wedding cake

Married at last! The lettering "Mr & Mrs" is particularly popular with newlyweds at the moment. We offer you our caketopper with the trendy lettering in different designs. We have various sizes, fonts and arrangements of the words from which you can choose your favourite. Furthermore, it is possible to add your names, the joint surname or the date of your wedding to the lettering. You can also add a border around your "Mr & Mrs" Caketopper. Whether it's a wreath of leaves, a heart, a bride and groom or a motif entirely according to your wishes, almost anything is possible for us so that your cake fully meets your expectations.
The "Mr & Mrs" cake topper forms a harmonious whole if you choose a smaller version for the cupcakes in addition to the topper for the wedding cake. This way, the candy bar is visually enhanced even more without much effort and everything fits together wonderfully.
Our standard versions with the popular lettering are made of certified maple wood. If you would like the "Mr & Mrs" lettering in combination with an individual design, you can choose between maple, cherry or walnut wood.
The special features of our "Mr & Mrs" wooden toppers, just like all our other toppers, are that they are absolutely food-safe, stable and made from renewable raw materials. In addition, they can be easily decorated or coloured and even look really good in the wedding album later on!